Is Apple Losing It’s Innovative Edge

iOS8 Renovates Their Design

The world has played audience to the overhaul Apple has gone through this last year. Not only has the company changed its stance to be a more friendly entity, it’s also promised to be more open. After releasing iOS 7, which completely renovated the visual palette of the original iPhone, Apple has gone a step further this time. The release of iOS 8 took everyone by surprise as it discarded the original iPhone blueprints and replaced them with a more interactive and friendlier interface.

Is Apple Losing It’s Innovative Edge



It is very hard to completely redo the design of a popular interface without altering the experience of dedicated users. This task proved hard even for Apple, as the new interface with a wide range of flaws, both trivial and fatal, hit the market. With numerous bugs coming into the spotlight as users and critics explore the new OS, there is an obvious capacity for improvement. Some of the more vital areas of problem are related to Wi-Fi and battery drainage. Despite working flawlessly on iPhone 6, iOS 8 doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the older phones or iPads. The dragged Wi-Fi speed, massive amount of storage for the update, and heavy apps draining battery are really getting on users’ nerves.

Many new Features And Just As Many Bugs

Although the number of bugs in iOS is much higher than anticipated, it also includes quite a few cool new features. One of the most useful addition is Continuity. Allowing the user to pair devices, Continuity makes transition of work smooth and you can switch devices easily. To respond to the complaints, Apple has also added a Bug Reporter to the mix, which allows you to report any foul play to the company. Gamers and have a reason to rejoice as Safari allows them to run Web Software for the WebGL and hence get 3D graphics. IndexedDB standard has also been met which lets the users continue emails, word processing etc without interruption during faulty internet access.

Apple Is Losing It’s Polish

Apple Losing It's Polish

Apple Losing It’s Polish

Apple’s products have always been well polished and any features and designs are well thought out and beautifully implemented. That being said, the latest round of products seem to have less passion and polish that what we have come to expect. Will they step up their game and get back to where they were? I certainly hope so.
It is starting to appear that Apple is playing more of a game of catch up than leading the world in innovation.

They’ll Bounce Back

Or will they? Is Apple Losing It’s Innovative Edge? Apple’s diehard fans are highly unlikely to think much of the bump on the road Apple’s hit. Looking at the brand’s past reputation, we know they’ll bounce back and reclaim their position.